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SyiL AEX250 CNC Lathe

SyiL AEX250 CNC Lathe

Specifications at a Glance

Price $14,990
Controller Siemens 808D CNC controller
Maximum Turning Diameter 9.8″ (250 mm)
Maximum Machining Length 17.7″ (450 mm)
Spindle Bore Diameter 0.8″ (21 mm)
Travel Dimensions (XZ) 7″ × 12.6″ (180 mm × 320 mm)
Max Feed Rate (XZ) 393.7 in/s (10,000 mm/s)
XZ Axis Motors Yaskawa servos
XZ Axis Motor Torque 2.4 N•m (1.77 ft•lb)
Spindle Speed 100 to 3,000 RPM
Linear Actuators PMI Double-nut ball screws
Repeatable Accuracy ≤ 10 µm (0.01 mm)
Tool Holding 4-position computer-controlled turret
Oiling System Automatic lubricator
Input/Output USB, RS232, pendant (included)
Dimensions (L × W × H) 41″ × 49″ × 67″
Safety Certifications CE and CCC

The AEX250 flat bed CNC lathe provides powerful and precise machining capabilities in a compact form factor. Top-of-the-line Siemens controls, Yaskawa servos, and PMI ball screws synergize to yield superior control, accuracy, and repeatable positioning, rendering the AEX250 an ideal lathe for general-purpose machining, prototyping, and production runs.