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3-Axis Servo CNC Conversion Kit

Note: our version 4.0 CNC Kit is designed for correct integration with Charter Oak’s IH 12Z Manual Mill only.

Shown with optional 3 HP VFD.

Shown with optional 3 HP VFD.

Our version 4.0 full-servo CNC conversion kit is manufactured by Charter Oak to fit our square-column manual mill. The CNC kit can be ordered at any time after your initial purchase of a Charter Oak square-column manual mill, allowing your machining investment to grow over time to match your shop’s needs. Here’s what you get with our conversion:

  • 3 closed-loop brushless AC servo motors, including:
    • Integrated encoders (6,400 Pulses Per Revolution)
    • Integrated drives
    • Power and encoder wire harnesses
  • 3 precision-rolled P3-grade ball screws
  • 3 recirculating ball nuts (preloaded for X and Y axes)
  • 3 custom ball nut mounts
  • 3 zero-backlash couplers
  • 3 proximity sensors for homing and limits
  • Complete powder-coated mounting hardware
  • Complete prewired control cabinet, containing:
    • Multi-mode breakout board
    • Ethernet-based coordinated, buffered motion controller
    • 75-volt servo power supply
    • 24-volt logic power supply
    • Main safety disconnect switch
    • Subcircuit safety breakers
    • Glue logic
    • Single-phase 220V four-prong male power plug
  • Complete instructions
  • Mach-3 motion control software license

Since many of our customers wish to supply their own computer, one is not included in the base kit. However, we do offer the following additional options:

  • All-in-one motion control computer (integrated screen and processor unit)
  • Articulated computer armature and mount
  • Mouse and keyboard peripherals

The only things required to complete your CNC kit are basic hand tools, a drill, drill bits, and taps.

Contact us for pricing and technical details. We will be happy to provide integration advice for nonstandard setups.