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3-Axis DRO Systems

Digital Read-Outs ordered at the time of purchase are preinstalled before they leave our Connecticut workshop. If ordered later, our technicians can walk you through their installation. Currently, we offer the following DRO models:

DRO Model Axes Precision Price (Installed)
Easson ES-8A 3-Axis 5 µm $799.00
Fagor Innova 30i 3-Axis 0.1 µm $2,173.90
Fagor Innova 40i 3-Axis 0.1 µm $2,425.90

Our Fagor DRO systems’ precision glass scales yield superior repeatable measurements for critical machining operations, while our Easson model offers solid precision at an affordable price for home hobbyists and prototypers.

Fagor 30i DRO SystemFagor 30i 3-Axis Digital Read-Out System

Integrating a Fagor DRO into your mill lets you immediately position your workpiece accurately and precisely, minimizing the use of calipers, micrometers, and other gauges. This lets you realize extraordinary time savings, and reduces the frequency of human error.

Fagor 40i DRO SystemFagor 40i 3-Axis Digital Read-Out System

The Fagor 40i DRO system offers similar advantages to the 30i model, but provides a more intuitive interface through a full-color TFT screen. The programming assistance offered in the 30i model is graphically displayed in on-screen diagrams, and the results of the programmed operations can be displayed in 3D using machine simulation.
Fagor 40i Technical Information (PDF)

Both of our Fagor DRO systems additionally provide programming assistance, telling you where your next coordinates should be for the following operations:

  • Bolt-hole patterns
  • Linear drilling
  • Grid drilling
  • Milling pockets
  • Finding angles from the horizontal

For customers who need to work in metric units but don’t want to wait for a custom mill order, or for customers who frequently switch between measurement systems and want to minimize calculation errors, a DRO system provides immediate measurements in both metric and imperial units regardless of the lead screw dial indicator units.