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Charter Oak Automation

CNC Controlled Machinery for Industrial and Serious Hobbyists

Charter Oak Automation
340 Quinnipiac Street
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Charter Oak Automation Products

CNC Mills and Conversion Kits – Manual Mills – CNC Lathes

Charter Oak Automation’s CNC Products are designed and assembled in the USA. Many of our components are machined right here in the United States, with more work being onshored with each iterative redesign.

Turnkey CNC Mill

Charter Oak Automation’s 3-axis or 4-axis CNC mill has the largest working envelope in its class, at a whopping 26" × 12½" × 22" (XYZ) (almost three times the size of our biggest competitor) with enormous 26" × 12½" × 22" (XYZ) travels, and has double their horsepower.
Click here for specifications, pricing, and comparison charts.

Square Column Bed Mills

The 12Z manual mill provides an enormous  26" × 12" × 22" (XYZ) working envelope and 39½" × 9⅜" bed for large projects, and comes with a large 12″ diameter head mount for increased rigidity. For smaller jobs or space-limited home workshops, our RF-45-style benchtop mill provides a similar design in a smaller, inexpensive package. A full range of options and upgrades for both machines lets your mill grow over time to match your needs.
Click here for specifications and pricing.

2 and 3 Axis DRO Systems

A bed mill with the power and accuracy of a knee mill. The rigidity of our massive 12½” Z-axis slide combines with our Fagor 30i or 40i Innova DRO systems and optional power feed to give you machining power and accuracy never before available at such a great price.
Click here for DRO specifications and pricing.


3 Axis Full Servo Complete CNC Kit

Turn your new 12Z manual mill into a CNC mill with the same power and accuracy as the Turnkey CNC Mill. The CNC kit can be purchased any time after the purchase of a 12Z manual mill from Charter Oak Automation.
Click here for kit specifications and pricing.

SyiL X5 Combo CNC Mill

SyiL X5 CNC Mill

For precision CNC machining at an affordable price, the SyiL X5 CNC Mill offers 1.5 HP of cutting power in a fully enclosed setup.
Click here for specifications and pricing.

SyiL X4 Speedmaster

SyiL X4 Speedmaster CNC Mill

Ideal for rapid prototyping, mold-making, and engraving in aluminum or plastic, the X4 Speedmaster provides a high-speed spindle running at up to 24,000 RPM.
Click here for specifications and pricing.

SyiL AEX250 CNC Lathe

SyiL AEX250 CNC Lathe

For your advanced turning needs, the SyiL AEX250 has Siemens controls, a four-position computer-controlled turret, and a full enclosure.
Click here for specifications and pricing.