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Charter Oak Automation

CNC Controlled Machinery for Industrial and Serious Hobbyists

Charter Oak Automation
424 Grand Avenue
New Haven, CT 06513
(203) 562-0699

Providers of Large-Capacity Manual and CNC Mills

Manual Mill Price Reduction!

We've taken $150 off the price of our large-envelope manual mills. With enormous 26" × 12" × 22" (XYZ) travels, 2 HP spindle motor, and a large list of available options (including a CNC conversion kit), our manual mill represents a superior value.

New Price: $2,350.00


Call: (203) 562-0699

Charter Oak Automation is now accepting orders for our popular CNC Turnkey Mill. The newest engineering revision includes completely redesigned electrical and electronics systems, but retains the immense power and enormous working envelope that our customers demand. Take a look at the new design on its updated product specifications page. Charter Oak Automation is located in Connecticut. Locally owned and operated, we manufacture high-quality CNC systems produced on our own Turnkey CNC Mills. Our CNC bed mill is affordable, fast, powerful, extremely accurate, and reliable for production runs, 3D prototyping, R&D work, and anything else you can fit on to our 39½" × 9⅜" table with enormous 26" × 12½" × 22" (XYZ) travels (and up to 30″ X-axis extended travel). Check out all of our products on our products page and see if we can put together a package—whether manual or CNC—to suit your needs.

Turnkey CNC MillSquare Column Bed Mill